Glitch Art

My last post on visual identity begs the question, “Why not use a glitch art aesthetic for Glitchpuke?” Well, my idea of glitches goes back to video games. In games, a glitch is a bug that breaks the illusion of realism, for instance when a man floats above a chair:

Screenshot from Valve's Half-Life

What’s fun about this is contemplating an absurd alteration of the game’s “reality”, where impossibility (disobeying gravity) meets normality (the dude is still hard at work pressing buttons on his console). Plus, for the systemically-minded, there can be a glimpse into the hidden workings of the program.

I don’t get this kind of pleasure from glitched photos, like this piece from artist Kim Asendorf’s blog:

Glitched photo of New York

This picture is pretty, and the full version has great textures. But there is no revelation of alternate realities or of underlying systems or materials. The game glitch is unintentional and uncanny, the glitched photo is worked and decorative.

Glitches are interesting when they reveal other truths! That’s why I don’t want to use them as a mere visual style.

… or maybe I’m just grumpy that “glitch art” is becoming better known than it was a year ago when Glitchpuke was formed.

Anyway, stay tuned for a preview mix of a song, and some glitch-inspired band pics on the way next week!


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