1st Time in Vrankrijk

Just a quick report on last week’s gig in Vrankrijk on Spuistraat…. Well, this place, an ex-squat and social-political discussion space, suited us down to the ground. There was a large and engaged crowd, plus a nice supportive vibe from the sound technician and volunteers.

Sidney experimented with a customised setup – just high-hats and a selection of drums laid on the ground. The results were heavily tribal! I came up with some fun bass techniques. First I experimented with kneeling down and holding the bass horizontally as it screamed feedback. But when one of the Vrankrijk volunteers asked me did I want a beer crate to hold it up, I realised that it might just look like a technical problem. So I instantly decided to get more theatrical and started holding the bass upside down, dragging it along the floor, rolling a guitar slide up and down the neck, etc. Meanwhile Andrius kept up a barrage of saxophone extended techniques.

Really, though, what made this gig was the crowd reaction. I can’t recommend this venue enough, it seems to attract a really interesting, alternative demographic… for instance, “Priapus”, a 42-year old autistic drummer from the US who kindly kept an eye on my amp while I was loading out.

A great night!


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