May Plans

An update ’cause it’s been a while… our album is currently being mixed and I’m searching for cover art!

Paraic O’Neill from Dublin freaky funk-prog band Tongue Bundle is handling the mix. He’s worked on free-improvised music before… check this stuff out:

For album art, I decided to follow my love for over-the-top, atmospheric, 70s-style sci-fi art. My first look around seemed promising – yes, here were loads of computer game concept artists producing fantasy and sci-fi landscapes, often boasting that it only took them 30 minutes per painting. But then I realised that the best-looking images came from the same handful of names, and that all these men were busy professionals. I’ve sent some emails but I’m not particularly optimistic! I guess when it comes to illustration, it’s pretty much instantly obvious who has the skills, so artists don’t spend too long being “unknown”.

We have a gig in the Waterhouse on May 23rd which I’m really looking forward to. Also, we have a presentation in Conservatorium van Amsterdam sometime around then…. All 3 of us will be thinking hard how to intelligently subvert that situation!!

The Waterhouse are also helping us by providing a location for a video shoot in mid-May. The video will be titled, I think, “The Glitchpuke Guide To Bass-Playing”.


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