More Lessons Part II

Second in today’s critique, some thoughts from our 2nd gig in the Waterhouse on May 23rd.

Basically, we all felt this one was “good but not great”. We pin-pointed a few details:
1) The bass amp was placed behind a guitar amp stack so I couldn’t see Sidney
2) I struggled to get the sounds I wanted from the amp, with a tendency to find something kinda good and stick to that rather than keep improving
3) Sidney only played drumkit, with no laptop stuff

All of these could have been fixed with some more focused preparation and sound checking. The question is, does that go against our philosophy of taking any situation and playing with it, applying a spirit of experimentation rather than perfectionism to amplification and sound…?

I think there is a clash between making things go smoothly so we enjoy the music-making, and our stated intent of pure playful subversion. We need to balance these two. Maybe it also reveals that even “spontaneous subversion and play” must contain a lot of calculation and preparation to succeed… that is, it’s impossible to escape from the fact that we are performers (rather than working on pure instinct and instantaneous decisions).

I guess this creative tension is something at the centre of Glitchpuke!


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