June Update

Things are moving on for Glitchpuke. I’m moving away from Amsterdam (because I’ve finished my music studies here) and our next challenge will be to maintain a long-distance relationship!

Our album is nearly done – just one more listening session and the mixing will be complete. Also we have the fun/bother of choosing track names and track order. Good thing I keep a massive text file of titles for songs that have occurred to me over the years.

We have one more gig in Amsterdam before saying “bye for now”. It’s on June 17th in Vrankrijk, the rather wonderful alternative space where we played a stormer of a set back in March.

Tomorrow, as well as discussing track names, we also will be laying plans for a tour in Autumn 2015! I’m super excited. Sidney, Andrius and I all agreed that making a schedule to do things (like this tour) is essential if we’re gonna keep the band going. So I hope it goes well and I’ll post a report tomorrow!

Enjoy this picture of a presentation we did on May 27th for my music management class…

Walking bass...

Glitchpuke in the Blue Note, Conservatorium van Amsterdam. May 27th. Photo by Willem de Beer.


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