3D Band Photos

Now I’m thinking that the 3D graphics I made of Glitchpuke could be our best bet for an album cover. I made them with 123D Catch, a cool free software tool from Autodesk. It transforms a series of ordinary photos of a scene into 3D models. For example, our current Facebook profile picture:

The boys

The boys

I quite like this image because it has personality, it reminds me of the low-resolution characters in my favourite late 90s computer games, and it’s glitchy. It was cropped from a screenshot that looked something like this:

3 members of Glitchpuke, seen in 123D Catch application. Original photos at bottom.

3 members of Glitchpuke, in the 123D Catch application. The photos used to generate the model can be seen along the bottom.

For the final cover, I need higher-than-screen-resolution images, and I also want to combine the models we made of each band member separately, because they turned out higher-quality than the group shots. My brother, is a 3D modeller (check out his portfolio) and he can luckily do all these things for us.

More to come, real soon!

Higher quality

Higher quality


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