Album Art Rejects

Cover art is the only thing we need to finish before we put up Glitchpuke’s debut album for free streaming! Before writing about how I’m making the final cover, here are a couple of approaches that didn’t work out.

Hazy, fantastically-coloured sci-fi landscapes were a big part of the visual identity I worked out for the band (see previous post Glitchpics). So I thought I’d see if I could generate something like that with free software. I used Terragen 2 and after half an hour I had this:

Landscape generated with Terragen 2.

Landscape generated with Terragen 2.

Doesn’t look so bad maybe, but I hadn’t learnt enough to easily control the colours or the shape of the mountains. I may have a look at Terragen 3 at some stage but right now, it’s obvious that it would take quite a bit of time to make a nice image. And it would still lack the “better than real-life” depth and glow of the great “matte painting” film backdrops that inspired me. (Check some out at the awesome Lands of Wonder, Romance & High Adventure blog.)

The other thing I investigated was nostalgic Windows 95 imagery. I took some screenshots from the nifty Windows 95 in your browser.

Unfortunately, Windows 95 doesn’t have much visual flavour at all. I enlarged an icon and text, then tried to combine it with my generated landscape. The result did not make much sense.



So I think some other approach is needed.


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