Making The Video

With our album to be released in the next two weeks for free streaming, I decided to make a music video to hype it. I thought of combining some nice performance footage shot a few months back in the Waterhouse, Amsterdam, with computer game visuals.

This image was one of the earliest I chose as a visual reference for Glitchpuke:

Screenshot from Johann Tael's RGBA demo.

Screenshot from Johann Tael’s RGBA demo.

So I was delighted to realise that the original post where I sourced the image had a link to a playable demo, free for anyone to download and play. Check it out here:

Playing a free experimental glitch game to generate visuals was a perfect match with Glitchpuke’s aesthetic. I used FRAPS to capture the action. I did the same with one of Strangethink’s games, Secret Habitat.

Strangethink's Secret Habitat.

Strangethink’s Secret Habitat.

Listening through the 12 album tracks, I shortlisted those that featured all three of us and that also had bass feedback (because I think that technique is a big part of Glitchpuke’s identity). One tune stood out, and its title was a pretty close match with the driving game visuals: “Taxi”.

This song is constantly in motion, starting in one vibe and moving somewhere quite different. So I used the driving visuals for the forward-moving first half of the piece, and the smooth Strangethink psychedelia for the second.

Everything else was just editing! I haven’t done anything like this in years, and (because I had a stock of good footage, especially the band stuff shot by Kim “Bas Raad” Raad) I really had fun. I think the end result is unexpected and kind of absurd.


Glitchpuke – Taxi


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