Best of the Rest

Today I want to introduce the other bands we play in. I’ve had the privilege of seeing all these acts live and I can say they all raise the roof!

Andrius Dereviancenko tours and records with his avant-guard jazz band, Morganfreeman. This quartet is based in Amsterdam but features two US natives, Matt Adomeit (bass) and Tristan Renfrow (drums) as well as trumpeter Dennis Sekratev from Frankfurt, Germany. Here they play the standard ‘Softly’ in a way you won’t expect:

Sidney Jaffe plays with a psychedelic rock trio, Burnpilot. His brother Joel provides the bass while Jonas plays guitar. These guys tour hard, mostly in Germany and the Netherlands. Here’s a video of an intense live show:

Sidney also drops mind-melting beats under the moniker Ornamental. Check out his game face in this awesome video:

As for myself, Kevin Higgins, I play in a jam-rock/improvised techno trio called Mescalito, with Dave Byrne (guitar) and Neil Murphy (drums). We’re doing mini-tour in Ireland, from September 26th to October 11th, which I’m excited about! This video showcases the stage moves I rocked in my younger days!

My other group also has a techno influence. It’s a groove-jazz quartet called Nature, featuring Dublin’s finest… Sarah Red (vocals), Chris Guilfoyle (guitar) and Tommy Gray (drums). Our album is free to download at

So that’s Morganfreeman (Facebook page) (website)

Burnpilot (Facebook)

Ornamental (Facebook)

Mescalito (Facebook)

Nature (Facebook)

Hope you find something you like. It’s all good stuff! Stay tuned for Glitchpuke news!


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