Our tour in Amsterdam will happen from November 25th to December 1st!

While we confirm the last few gigs, here are some blogs for you to check out. They have the self-awareness and curiosity I’d like to achieve here (someday).

Liz R, a self-described “lesbian trans musician/visual artist/writer/curator” blogs with a no-nonsense and emotionally engaged perspective on computer game culture and design. This post, about identity and expression in writing electronic music, is cool: sound as a commodity

Nick Montfort is an expert on “interactive narrative” and “digital poetry” among other things. His blog is both techy and creative, and I like the bare fact that there are people out there pushing these frontiers. Here he does some pop-culture critique: Why I Hate The Martian

James Hague runs a pragmatic programming/game design blog. For those who, like me, can’t code, here’s a piece on how to find focus for a creative project: Advice to Aimless, Excited Programmers

Finally, Dan Voss has a sophisticated blog on improvised music. He posts quotes, interviews and music theory titbits like this analysis of a Steve Coleman exercise: Steve Coleman and Dominant/Half-Diminished Seventh Symmetry


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