Gig Dates

We had some troubles with our Amsterdam dates, including cancellations and a venue getting shut down by the authorities! But we’re pleased to announce a pair of performances made possible by the great people at OT301. On November 26th we’re opening the long-running jam session at De Peper. And on November 29th we’re playing in Mixtree, in a collaboration with Natusha Croes, an Aruban-born performance and visual artist.

We’re also really looking forward to a recording session for our second album, on November 30th, in Studio -2 in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It’ll be a challenge to create a new band sound in less than a week of rehearsals. We love how our debut album turned out, but we wouldn’t be satisfied with just recycling those techniques and moods.

Also on the agenda are a photo shoot and a video shoot, so expect some eye candy in December.

Personally, I can’t wait to be in Amsterdam again! It’s been 5 months.


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