Gig Dates

We had some troubles with our Amsterdam dates, including cancellations and a venue getting shut down by the authorities! But we’re pleased to announce a pair of performances made possible by the great people at OT301. On November 26th we’re opening the long-running jam session at De Peper. And on November 29th we’re playing in Mixtree, in a collaboration with Natusha Croes, an Aruban-born performance and visual artist.

We’re also really looking forward to a recording session for our second album, on November 30th, in Studio -2 in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It’ll be a challenge to create a new band sound in less than a week of rehearsals. We love how our debut album turned out, but we wouldn’t be satisfied with just recycling those techniques and moods.

Also on the agenda are a photo shoot and a video shoot, so expect some eye candy in December.

Personally, I can’t wait to be in Amsterdam again! It’s been 5 months.


Best of the Rest

Today I want to introduce the other bands we play in. I’ve had the privilege of seeing all these acts live and I can say they all raise the roof!

Andrius Dereviancenko tours and records with his avant-guard jazz band, Morganfreeman. This quartet is based in Amsterdam but features two US natives, Matt Adomeit (bass) and Tristan Renfrow (drums) as well as trumpeter Dennis Sekratev from Frankfurt, Germany. Here they play the standard ‘Softly’ in a way you won’t expect:

Sidney Jaffe plays with a psychedelic rock trio, Burnpilot. His brother Joel provides the bass while Jonas plays guitar. These guys tour hard, mostly in Germany and the Netherlands. Here’s a video of an intense live show:

Sidney also drops mind-melting beats under the moniker Ornamental. Check out his game face in this awesome video:

As for myself, Kevin Higgins, I play in a jam-rock/improvised techno trio called Mescalito, with Dave Byrne (guitar) and Neil Murphy (drums). We’re doing mini-tour in Ireland, from September 26th to October 11th, which I’m excited about! This video showcases the stage moves I rocked in my younger days!

My other group also has a techno influence. It’s a groove-jazz quartet called Nature, featuring Dublin’s finest… Sarah Red (vocals), Chris Guilfoyle (guitar) and Tommy Gray (drums). Our album is free to download at

So that’s Morganfreeman (Facebook page) (website)

Burnpilot (Facebook)

Ornamental (Facebook)

Mescalito (Facebook)

Nature (Facebook)

Hope you find something you like. It’s all good stuff! Stay tuned for Glitchpuke news!

Dissect Your Brain

Just a quick word to say that OUR ALBUM IS OUT! 11 tracks of seriously atmospheric, and at times heavy, music, with a lot of heart too (I think). I’m proud of it.

Stream it now on our bandcamp page. And let us know what you think here or at

The cover for our first release, "Dissect Your Brain". Artwork by Kevin Higgins and Robert Higgins, photography by Gediminas Stepanavičius.

The cover for our first release, “Dissect Your Brain”. Artwork by Kevin Higgins and Robert Higgins, photography by Gediminas Stepanavičius.

Making The Video

With our album to be released in the next two weeks for free streaming, I decided to make a music video to hype it. I thought of combining some nice performance footage shot a few months back in the Waterhouse, Amsterdam, with computer game visuals.

This image was one of the earliest I chose as a visual reference for Glitchpuke:

Screenshot from Johann Tael's RGBA demo.

Screenshot from Johann Tael’s RGBA demo.

So I was delighted to realise that the original post where I sourced the image had a link to a playable demo, free for anyone to download and play. Check it out here:

Playing a free experimental glitch game to generate visuals was a perfect match with Glitchpuke’s aesthetic. I used FRAPS to capture the action. I did the same with one of Strangethink’s games, Secret Habitat.

Strangethink's Secret Habitat.

Strangethink’s Secret Habitat.

Listening through the 12 album tracks, I shortlisted those that featured all three of us and that also had bass feedback (because I think that technique is a big part of Glitchpuke’s identity). One tune stood out, and its title was a pretty close match with the driving game visuals: “Taxi”.

This song is constantly in motion, starting in one vibe and moving somewhere quite different. So I used the driving visuals for the forward-moving first half of the piece, and the smooth Strangethink psychedelia for the second.

Everything else was just editing! I haven’t done anything like this in years, and (because I had a stock of good footage, especially the band stuff shot by Kim “Bas Raad” Raad) I really had fun. I think the end result is unexpected and kind of absurd.


Glitchpuke – Taxi

More Lessons Part 1

This blog is inspired by the devlogs over at TIGSource where indie game makers detail how they work and how they overcome all kinds of problems, in an atmosphere of supportive critique. So today I’ll give two more examples of doing things wrong…

First up, I put up a little video clip to promote a Glitchpuke presentation in my school.

The moment after uploading, I thought of two things that could have been improved:
1) It would’ve been better to have the whole band and not just me
2) It would’ve been better to show my face, because people like to see faces and to put more personality into the video

I even thought of a pretty likely psychological reason why I made mistake no. 2 – what we could call Master Chief Syndrome.

Master Chief, the player character in the Halo series of video games.

Master Chief, the player character in the Halo series of video games.

I’d define Master Chief Syndrome as the wish to be a faceless, technologically-augmented destructive being. Obviously, this drives a lot of great video games (and mech-suit anime, etc.) aimed at adolescent males. But for promoting Glitchpuke, it’s something to avoid next time.